Walsh Construction and Adams Morgan Hotel Owner LLC are hosting a job fair Friday October 7, 2016, 1pm – 4pm at the Festival Center (1640 Columbia Road, NW Washington, DC 20009).  Seeking all tradesmen.  If you are unable to attend you may also submit your resume to or call 202-560-5639.

This project does not gate-hire, however we welcome all inquiries.  Any Tradesperson seeking employment should email their resume/qualifications to 

Walsh Construction and Adams Morgan Hotel Owner LLC are hosting a jobs meet and greet for the neighborhood to learn about the project and its opportunities on September 14th, 2016, 6pm - 8pm at the Washington Hilton (1919 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington DC 20009)



Hiring for all hotel and restaurant positions for The Line Hotel will start December 2016.  Submit your resume to  Seeking District and Ward 1 residents.


March 2016

- Please visit our Estimated Look Ahead Schedule under the “General” Tab on this website.

- Liquor license placards were posted at the jobsite on Friday, March 25th, thus commencing the 45-day public notice period.  The hotel liquor license is on the agenda for the April 6th ANC1C Commission meeting to discuss the filed application and Settlement Agreement. 

February  2016

- We are excited to have completed all the site excavations and are progressing with the Hotel Tower superstructure.  We were also successful with the installation of a new 8” water main in Champlain Street that is connected to DC Water.  We appreciate the patience of our neighbors during that period of our construction.  


August 2015

- On Monday, August 10th, work will commence for the installation of new water service along Champlain Street.  The contractor will begin at Champlain and Euclid Streets, working their way to the South end of the property.  In conjunction with this work, the contractor will be occupying parking spaces along the East side of Champlain Street and on Euclid Street.  No Parking signs will be posted on Thursday, August 6th for approximately 3 spaces on Euclid Street and 13 on Champlain Street for the duration of these activities, which we anticipate to take approximately 4 weeks.  All work will be performed per the approved permit and Traffic Control Plan ("TCP") issued by the District Department of Transportation to the subcontractor.

July 2015

- We anticipate using a roll up generator to support our dewatering system until PEPCO completes and energizes our Temporary Power service.  This generator will operate continuously day and evening.  We are actively pressing PEPCO to complete their work to minimize the time period for the generator use. 

- Walsh Construction, general contractor for the Adams Morgan Historic Hotel, will be hosting a community event on Monday July 13, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. at Mary’s Center (2333 Ontario Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009) for job seekers pursuing construction-related opportunities for the Adams Morgan Historic Hotel as well as throughout the DC area.  The District Department of Employment Services (DOES) will also be on hand to introduce those interested job seekers to the various resources available, such as  The goal is to increase job seeker access to opportunities.  Walsh Construction and DOES look forward to seeing all interested on July 13, 2015.

APRIL 2015

Expected upcoming construction activities in April include:

- Due to the high winds on 4/3/15 the site fencing with the mesh blew onto Euclid and Champlain Streets. The mesh was removed and we are pursuing alternate measures with DDOT to firmly secure the fencing and possibly re-install the mesh.  We are continuing our measures for minimizing dust migration.

- During the week of 4/6/15 through 4/11/15, demolition of the City Paper building will be taking place onsite from 7am until 6:30pm. We will continue to implement measures to minimize dust and mitigate disturbance to our neighbors. 

- Sidewalk closure implemented on south side of Euclid and west side of Champlain Streets starting April 1, 2015 per the approved Traffic Control Plan ("TCP") by the District Department of Transportation. The work also includes a cross-walk on Champlain street to enhance public safety. This TCP will remain in place for the duration of construction.

- Completion of the City Paper building demolition

- Excavator mobilizing, stripping parking lot and commencing excavation

- Sheeting and shoring subcontractor mobilizing and starting to drill for pile installation

MARCH 2015

Project construction started on March 3, 2015


Church building placed on the National Park Service Register of Historic Landmarks


Sheeting & Shoring Permit issued


- Building Permit submission filed

- Washington Gas disconnected the existing Church gas lines from the main gas utilities

JUNE 2014

Raze Permit for demolition of the City Paper Building at 2390 Champlain St NW issued

April 2014

Asbestos abatement activities completed in both the Church and City Paper buildings